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Trainees will have the opportunity to sign in as either fire, EMS, or law-enforcement personnel, and they'll get a mentor/host from their designated profession.

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Veteran hazmat chief and instructor John Eversole leads a top instructor corps. You'll get engaging, interactive training about the chemistry and physics of WMD hazmat, use of hazmat instruments, PPE and decon, triage and casualty care, crime-scene management, and the Eight Step Process. Once you've passed the final exercise here, you'll be ready for the tactical evolutions in the Sim Area!

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Apply your hazmat training in a series of increasingly challenging, videogame-style tactical simulations. Master hazmat trainer Greg Noll alternates between mentor, coach and entry-team partner.

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Hear firsthand war stories and lessons learned from real responders who've faced real WMD attacks. We also cover vital topics such as incident command, operations security, risk management, and critical incident stress management. And don't miss the bonus features from Chief Alan Brunacini and Gordon Graham!


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